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Looking for the best Bingo Games in Canada?
Why You will love Bingo Mania – voted #1 online bingo site
in 2010 by bingo players across Canada and the World.

Dear Fellow Canadian Bingo Player,

If you’re looking for online bingo games in Canada, then you’ve come to the right place, because you’re just one click away from playing the best bingo games at Bingo Mania Canada’s favourite bingo site –  it is our pleasure to have this info page dedicated to all of our Canadian bingo players who are looking for valuable tips to get started and play bingo games online.

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On this bingo games page,  you’ll find valuable help in order for you locate a safe and trusted site to play bingo online from Canada. Prospective players who are new to this, we have outlined a guideline which if applied in your decision making should ensure that you have a secure and safe site to play on.

Here’s a shameless plug – if you’re looking to play bingo games, then we think you’ll love Bingo Mania – voted the #1 online bingo site by Which Bingo players in 2010.

With easy deposit options for Canadian members like Instadebit, $5 free no deposit bingo offer, and a whopping 300% free matching welcome bonus offer, you’ll find the Bingo mania site is the top bingo site to be a part of.

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Why it Pays to Play Bingo Games at Mania

  1. Longest running online bingo sites since 1996
  2. Award winning bingo site, voted by bingo players
  3. Fast bingo payouts
  4. Simple to play bingo games, slots and other side games
  5. Friendly community
  6. Transparent as you know who clearly are the people behind Bingo Mania
  7. We’re social – you can always find us on Facebook
  8. Huge and easy to win bingo jackpots
  9. Over $3,000,000 in monthly cash prizes
  10. Great reload deposit bonuses to extend your play time and your odds
  11. Fun promos like the weekly $4,000+ Fair n’ Square bingo tournament

Awarded the Single Largest Bingo Prize in Online bingo from Canada

As of writing, the single largest bingo prize in online bingo history has been awarded by Mania back on September 2009 when player “Dekath30″ won $132,626 jackpot”.

Our very own Stu, founder and Chief Fun Officer had a one on one sit down with Dekath30 as she explains her experience playing bingo games at Mania. We’re very happy for all of our winners.

What Real Bingo Players are saying about Bingo Mania

Bailey333“I am still in shock. It hasn’t processed yet…I was alone when I hit the O66…and was thinking it would never come up….and it did. I stared at the screen for what must have been 2 minutes not thinking it was real – was I dreaming?Bingo Mania is by far the best bingo site I have ever played and this win couldn’t’ come in a better time. I am trying to move back to IL from CA to be closer to my family and this seems like a message from God saying “GO”.Keep playing…your time will come and keep playing at Bingo Mania!”

Alias: Bailey333
$7500 Coverall Winner

bingo game winner“I was manual daubing in the High roller room on a blackout pattern, and playingchat games in the room. I knew I had just one number left, but I didn’t think I would hit it! When I did, and I looked at the prize, I was shocked! $500 right there in my balance! I told my hubby right away, and he told me not to cash it out so I could play for a long time on that amount! What a guy! To make it even better, I played the slots a couple of days later with that money and hit $2,500 on the Living Large slot machine! What a week. Thanks Bingo Mania”.

Alias: Red4Becca
$500 Coverall Winner

winner“Thank you Bingo mania for the $500 win. I play here every chance I get and I have never been disappointed. Things just seem to get better and cash out was much easier than I expected”

Alias: shaniirene2
$500 Coverall Winner

winner“I am writing to thank BingoMania for my blessing of a $750 win! I was playing the other evening while watching tv with my mother-in-law and husband and happened to look down and saw that I had won and wanted to scream out, but my 21 month old daughter was sleeping soundly upstairs! I have been with BingoMania for almost ten years now and everyone has been absolutely fabulous. I haven’t won this much in a long time and this was great. I have been battling kidney cancer for the last year and have played a lot during my recovery. This is so great to win such a high amount when there are so many hospital bills to pay. I am happy to say I am cancer free and now this money will truly help us to decrease some of the debt just a little bit more and help me to take care of my family”

Alias: smiles1972$750 Coverall Winner

bingodreamz winnerI” just wanted to say thank you, was playing in all the rooms on Tuesday, Jan 4th, as I always do and was in the nut house playing the $75 games, I was going back and forth and also playing the slots, when I heard bingo was called, so I went back to the room and had seen I hit the JP in the nut house. I’ve been playing on mania for several years now and have never hit anything big; I actually had to look twice to see what it looked like to hit a jp. It was such a nice feeling! Thank you so much mania for making my experience on your site such a pleasure, and memorable one, the money will sure come in to good use. Also want to congratulate you for being the #1 site of the year. You definitely deserve it”.

Alias: BingoDreamz
Nuthouse Jackpot $304.82

8 Bingo Rooms to Play

bingo rooms

  1. Nut House room – a dedicated nickel bingo room with all bingo games set at $0.05 / card
  2. Loony Bin – dedicated quarter room where all bingo games are set at $0.25 / card
  3. High Roller Bingo room – dedicated $1 bingo room with huge daily cash prizes
  4. Pajama Party room – opened daily from 1am – 8am with great prizes and perks to unlock $10 free and special funding bonuses
  5. Soap Opera Bingo Room – a special pop up bingo games room that opens on Saturdays with fun Soap bingo sessions themes like All My Children, Bold and Beautiful and many more
  6. Fair n’ Square Bingo room – where you’ll find special bingo games like the $4,000+ buddy tournament and a chance to win a $2011 guaranteed bingo game every Friday along with 19 x $100 bingo games and consolation prizes when you buddy up
  7. 2nd Chance Bingo Room – when you hit an lucky losing streak, Bingo Mania gives you a 2nd chance to turn your luck around with 2nd chance bingo which contains $20 free bingo games for 2hrs non-stops
  8. Party Bingo room – as member at Bingo Mania, you’ll get spoiled with great perks like free roll events, which they host on a weekly and monthly bases


veemee wins bingo“ I have been playing bingo for 35 years. I have never won a big pot. I personally didn’t think it was possible especially for me. I was shocked, excited and just couldn’t believe it. Thank you so much this gives me a fresh start. I love this site, the GM’s and will play here forever ”.

Alias – veemeewon
$12,765.56 and $2500 on
April 25, 2009

another winner“ Thank you so much Bingo Mania, you sure did make my day! Thanks to this jackpot win I can take this vacation with my mother and 4 sisters. And it sure will help with my daughters graduation etc.. Thanks again! ”Alias – LuckyMowon $1,378.50 on April 20, 2009.

Alias – veemeewon
$12,765.56 and $2500 on
April 25, 2009

bingo games

1 – How to Find a Bingo Site

Whether you use Yahoo!, Google, Bing which are the most commonly known search engines today they will allow you to obtain reputable links to various sites or portal sites dependent on the of the targeted word or keywords. We have listed a keyword list below which should provide favorable online bingo locations.

  • Online bingo
  • Bingo games
  • Canada Bingo
  • Bingo
  • How to play bingo
  • Online bingo games
  • Party bingo
  • Bingo online
  • Play online bingo
  • Canadian bingo
  • Canadian online bingo
  • Free online bingo no download

2 – Bingo forums / Bingo blogs

Provide volumes of useful knowledge can be obtained from various reputable sources. But be warned that the forums you are on investigating prospective sites may be impartial in their views about the various sites.

3 – Asking for advice from social networks

Various social networking platforms you can obtain solid advice from your networking friends. ( Facebook , HI5, MSN, ICQ) to name a few

4 – Once you have chosen a few prospective candidate sites you may ask yourself some of the following questions.

  1. Are the various promotions on the site attractive to you and do they entice you to play?
  2. Do I have to install any software to be able play the game?
  3. How many game rooms are there? Too few you can get uninterested very quickly, too many you can become confused and frustrated.
  4. What sizes are the jackpots being offered?
  5. How many people have won these big jackpot games?

5 – What types of games are on offer? Do they have 75 ball or 90 ball bingo games or both?

6 –  Bingo Chat Rooms?

Does the site have any chat rooms? Where you can socialise with other players who are interested in exactly the same things that you are when it comes to online bingo.

7 – Loyalty Rewards Program

Does the site offer a reward point system or loyalty system that awards you for the amount of games played and / or the amount wagered in your account? This will allow you great value for your money

Follow these guidelines and you make an informed and secure decision happy playing bingo online.

Please note this bingo portal site is intended for visitors over 18’s only. Please play responsibly.

We do not indorse sites which encourage under age gambling or no means of identifying individuals who may have an addiction problem.

bingo games

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