Which Bingo Online Chat Name Should I Use?

Whether you’re new to bingo or you’re just joining a secondary site, one of the things that can leave you feeling at a total loss is when you’re prompted to pick a chat alias.

And no we’re not talking about Jennifer Garner’s old TV series Alias.

Bingo Tip: Chat Alias

What is an Alias anyways?

An alias is necessary to allow you to be recognizable from other players in the rooms but it’s also a pre-requisite of most online bingo sites before you can complete the registration process for a new account. There’s no need to panic that your fellow players will be able to find out your real identity as your details cannot be released by your site of choice without your permission. However, as we’ll go on to explain later, you will want to be careful what name you choose to use in order to protect your identity as much as possible.

Who can see my alias?

Whenever you’re playing in your favourite Canadian Bingo site, you’ll usually see a chat window listing the names of all the players who are currently present, even if they haven’t bought cards for the game that’s taking place at the time. Some of the names you’ll see may be accompanied by a picture (or avatar), and if you’d like one to make your name appear more distinguishable, you should find you can pick or upload an avatar in your personal settings. No two players at the same site are allowed to use the same alias, as this would get extremely confusing.

For example, if a player called “EmilyLovesBingo” won a game, how would she know if the win was hers if the second “EmilyLovesBingo” was also playing the same game. However, if your heart is set on a certain alias which is already in use by another roomie, you can often add numbers or additional letters to the beginning or end in order to be able to use it, e.g., “EmilyLovesBingo9”.

Why does it matter which name I choose to use?

There are several reasons why you should give some serious thought to your alias rather than just picking the first thing that comes into your head. After all, once you’ve picked it, it can be hard or even impossible to change it afterwards. For security reasons, it’s best not to include your date or year of birth as it makes it easier for others to establish your true identity plus, not everyone’s too keen on other people knowing their age!

Pick something practical and memorable

The odds are, you wouldn’t pick a password by randomly typing symbols on your keyboard, so don’t be tempted to do this with your online bingo alias. Above all, you should choose a word that you won’t forget in a hurry, and if you want to include a number or several numbers in your alias, pick something that’s personal to you. That said, don’t go using your bank card PIN or zip code! Perhaps, you have a lucky number you could use, or a memorable series of numbers or letters like 911 or ABC that you could tag on to the end of your alias?

Be practical about your choice as well. For example, if you’re called Helen and your surname starts with the letter ‘H’, don’t be surprised if there’s already a player registered at your site of choice who’s using “HelenH”. If you are truly stuck for ideas about how to create a chat name, why not think about some of your favourite hobbies, food products, animals or drinks to give you some inspiration, like “HelenRuns” or “SteveKeepsSnakes”?

Again, for security reasons it’s best to have a separate chat name to your username. Most online bingo players are an extremely friendly and likeable bunch; however, the last thing you want is someone trying to hack your account in order to access your winnings or payment details, so having a different chat name to your username will help to reduce this risk.

Try not to offend other players

While most of us wouldn’t dream of being rude to other players in the chat rooms, your alias also portrays an image of you to other roomies. Therefore, when you are thinking of what chat name to use, try and steer clear of anything which could come across as offensive. Our tips would be to avoid any reference to politics, sex, race, religion, sexual orientation and weight.

Really stuck?

Just in case all our tips have given you a total mental block, you could always search the internet for a random bingo name generator. These tools normally ask you to enter your first name or a chosen word and then come up with an unusual or fun alias that might be just the kind of one you’ve been racking your brains to think of. Plus, if the suggestion is already being used by another player, you can just generate name after name until a suitable, free one comes up.

Where else might my chat name come in handy?

As well as at your favourite bingo site, you may find your chosen chat name comes in handy on social media sites. For example, if you’ve joined a site called Elephant Bingo, you may wish to see if they have a Facebook and/or Twitter account to follow. As well as providing you with a regularly updated source of what’s happening at your chosen site, you may well find Facebook or Twitter-exclusive competitions where you can win bonuses and loyalty points, and more often than not, you’ll need to post a comment that includes your player alias so that your account can be credited if you’re a winner.


Hopefully, this article has helped guide you through the process of picking an online bingo alias as well as helping you understand why having one is necessary. Picking your new name should be fun, so don’t spend hours trying to come up with one or you’ll be missing out on playing loads of great games! We’ll keep our fingers crossed that we’ll be seeing your chosen alias appearing on a winner’s list soon.

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