Why Bingo Online VIP & Loyalty Schemes are Important

Everyone likes to be rewarded for being a loyal customer, and many of us hold loyalty cards for our favourite stores and coffee shops that give us points towards free purchases, discounts and exclusive offers. Online bingo isn’t any different; after all, whether you spend $1 a week or $50, you’re still putting your cash towards your site of choice rather than somewhere else.

Loyalty program

So, if you’re considering joining a Canadian Bingo site, one of the first things you should check is whether it offers a VIP or loyalty scheme. Many sites try to attract the attention of potential new members by advertising generous welcome bonuses and sign-up bonuses, which are all well and good; however, one year down the line, you don’t want to end up feeling unappreciated because you’ve not received any rewards since the day you signed up. So, if you join a site that doesn’t offer any incentives for you to stick around in the long term, it’s probably not even worth registering an account.

The current loyalty program at Bingo mania is huge daily free bonuses as well as a 20% cash back bonus every Tuesday on your deposits.

Why do some sites offer loyalty schemes?

There are two good reasons why many online bingo sites offer VIP and loyalty programs. The first is to retain members by offering incentives so that you don’t decide to leave and play elsewhere, and the second is to show their appreciation for your custom; after all, happy players are far more likely to recommend the site to friends, be helpful and friendly in the chat rooms, and continue to spend money on their favourite games.

How do I know if a scheme is good or not?

There are some key things to check when you’re looking at a VIP or loyalty programs; however, you may consider some perks and privileges to be more important than others, so the main rule of thumb is to join the site that you think suits your needs best. Frequent benefits can include:

  • Re-deposit bonuses, which give you a bonus percentage on some or all of the subsequent deposits that you make to your account after you’ve joined
  • Cash-back, which will give you a percentage of your net losses back if you have a losing streak
  • Faster withdrawals
  • Loyalty point rewards for all real-money play or play on certain games, which can help boost your loyalty ranking and unlock more privileges and bonuses. At many sites, LPs can also be exchanged in return for free game cards, which will not only help save you money, but also provide you with the funds to play more of your favourite games with, and give you the potential to win more prizes.
  • Exclusive invites to events and tournaments, access to VIP rooms, free gifts (such as birthday bonuses) and more.

Don’t be afraid to shop around. Finding the perfect site for your needs can take time. Think of it like looking for your ideal partner; you might need to spend time with a few sites that are 90% great but have a few annoying niggles but soon enough, the site of your dreams will turn up and sweep you right off your feet!


Why are loyalty points so important?

As we’ve just mentioned, LPs can go a long way to helping you get the maximum enjoyment out of playing online. However, at different sites, LPs may be more valuable than at others. In our opinion, the best loyalty schemes are those which allow you to redeem your points for real cash. You will probably need to accumulate a certain number of points to begin with, and once you’ve met the target, you can trade them in for cash which will be credited to your online bingo account. At some bingo websites, you’ll find that your points cannot be redeemed for cash, but they can still help you move up the loyalty ranks and give you additional perks such as bigger re-deposit bonuses. Sometimes, bingo websites even have their own reward store, where you can exchange your points for physical gifts such as branded merchandise, household goods, mobile phones, discounts on holidays, restaurant vouchers, discount vouchers and more.

Don’t forget to check how points are earned

OK – so you’ve found an amazing online bingo site which ticks all the boxes. However, don’t just leap in and sign-up just yet. In the same way that it’s strongly recommended you read the terms and conditions of any welcome offers, withdrawal policies and account rules before joining, it’s also sensible to dig a little deeper into how your site of choice awards LPs. You may, for example, only earn points by playing bingo games; so, if you love to play online slots, scratch cards, or side games in your spare time, it would make sense to join a site that awards points for play on ALL games.

Where can I find this information?

Most websites will have a section entitled ‘Loyalty’ or ‘VIP’, which tells you exactly how you can go about joining the scheme (N.B., several automatically give you membership as soon as you’ve made your first deposit), how points and bonuses are awarded, how many levels there are in the programme, if you lose your ranking if you don’t play for a little while and what targets you will need to move up each level, etc. However, if you can’t see this information anywhere, try checking the FAQ section if there is one and, if all else fails, start a live chat session or telephone the site’s customer service team and ask them to confirm what arrangements are in place.

Final thoughts

Many players don’t consider VIP/loyalty schemes when they sign-up to new sites, having been swayed by the promise of free games, large welcome bonuses, or no-deposit bonuses. However, if you want to join a site that will leave you feeling valued no matter how long you’ve been a member, you will definitely want to ensure that there is a rewarding scheme in place. Plus, remember it’s not just a case of does your bingo site offer a VIP/loyalty program – more HOW do they reward you for your loyalty?

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