Which Bingo Online Chat Name Should I Use?

Whether you’re new to bingo or you’re just joining a secondary site, one of the things that can leave you feeling at a total loss is when you’re prompted to pick a chat alias.

And no we’re not talking about Jennifer Garner’s old TV series Alias.

Bingo Tip: Chat Alias

What is an Alias anyways?

An alias is necessary to allow you to be recognizable from other players in the rooms but it’s also a pre-requisite of most online bingo sites before you can complete the registration process for a new account. There’s no need to panic that your fellow players will be able to find out your real identity as your details cannot be released by your site of choice without your permission. However, as we’ll go on to explain later, you will want to be careful what name you choose to use in order to protect your identity as much as possible.

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How To Play Bingo Canada

Playing bingo in Canada has always been a popular pastime but these days, most of us lead lives with hectic schedules so fitting in a session or two with our buddies is not always an easy, viable option.

How to play bingo Canada

Many fans now enjoy playing bingo in Canada online as it gives them the opportunity to experience games at a time that is convenient to them. There are plenty of destinations to choose from so whether you want to play in the comfort of your own environment or experience the action via your mobile device, you are pretty much guaranteed to find a site that suits your needs and preferences.

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Great News for Canadian Online Bingo Players

First off – it’s Mother’s Day this Sunday and Bingo Mania is hosting tons of great specials as part of their Mother’s Day weekend special.

Bingo Mania Mother's Day

  • Friday Fair & Square $4,000 Special with an extra hour of free bingo games
  • Saturday & Sunday 300% free bonus special
  • and a $7,500 Mom’s contest

Now on to the great news – we understand that as early as Tuesday May 14th, you’ll be able to deposit and receive your winnings in Canadian Currency at Bingo Mania when you use InstaDebit.

This means, no more currency exchange fees and an overall better online experience.

We’ll be sure to update you as soon as we learn more from the Mania team.

Happy Mother’s Day Weekend!

4 Quick Tips For More Bingo Wins

Bingo is more fun when you get your plenty shares of claims. So how do you improve your odds to win more often at your favorite online bingo site?

Win More Bingo

Here are some obvious but yet least implemented tips that we believe could better your chances for more bingo shout out!

1 – Pre-Buy For Big Games at Odd Times

Playing online bingo gives you the ability to pre-order your cards for upcoming games. Even games that you won’t be able to attend in person.

The best times to pre-order cards are during the following times when there are traditionally less players online per game:

  • 1am to 8am EST
  • 2pm to 6pm EST

2 – Play the games with more odds

Traditional bingo is 75 ball and is based on winner takes all. Some sites such as BingoMania offer a variety of games with more chances to win per game.

  • 3 Part Bingo Games: where you pay for 1 card but get 3 chances to bingo
  • Fair n’ Square Bingo Games: everyone in the game gets the same number of cards giving you equal chance at winning
  • Look for consolation prize games. Look for games that offer consolation prizes for non winners
  • Pre-buy coveralls during odd times as stated above (this is key). For example at Mania, you’ll find hourly $2500 min. $25 coveralls in the Pajama room from 1am to 8am EST. These are perfect games to pre-buy for.

3 – Make deposits on special free bonus days

Free bingo bonuses are a great way to not only extend your playtime but also could improve your odds, since you can automatically double your purchase activity.

Most sites today offer free bonuses. Be sure to check out the daily free bingo bonuses for which days you get the most bonus.

Tip: Usually bingo sites offer higher bonuses on Mondays to Thursdays (known as traditionally less busy days)


4 – Bingo Pals only at BingoMania!

Play with friends as bingo is more fun this way and now more rewarding!

Bingo Mania recently introduced a feature called Bingo Pals where you win whenever your friends bingo or win on a casino game.

The more bingo pals you have, the better your odds. With Mania’s new referral program you can rack up to $1,000 in extra free bonuses.

There you have it – hopefully you find these tips valuable!

How to play online bingo from Canada

We Canadians are a social bunch, so it’s no surprise we also love our bingo halls. Today, thanks to sites like BingoMania, you can play bingo online with ease from the comfort of your own compture, Kindle Fire or Android powered mobile and tablets.

So how do you play online bingo?

Online Bingo Games

There are tons of websites out there that offer online bingo games. But which are the most trusted?

BingoMania.com is a great choice that’s been around since 1996 and so is Bingo Pop a brand new bingo site recently launched.

Here are some key points from this helpful tip on how to play bingo:

Step 1:

  1. You Open an account
  2. Then you simply load your account with funds from the cashier using either a credit card or alternative option like Instadebit
  3. Now you have a few dollars plus some extra bonus money that you received on your deposit
Step 2:
  1. It’s time to play bingo
  2. Your site of choice, will at least have 2 bingo rooms available at any given time
  3. You can enter the room direct, enter into the chat room and get started
  4. Most bingo rooms today have a chat moderator also known as CMs. The CMs are available to answer your questions, ensure you’re having a blast and run the occasional chat games to help you unlock even mroe free bonuses as a way to extend your playtime.
Tip: You can also pre-buy for those must play games that you can’t be there in person. This is one of the many perks of playing bingo online – you can pre buy for cards in advance and your cards will play even when you’re not logged in.

How to buy cards for an Online Bingo Game

  1. The key difference between online and your local bingo hall, is that you can buy cards for individual games in an online bingo game whereas in a typical bingo hall you have to purchase stripes of cards for upcoming games
  2. Most bingo sites also offer a feature known as auto-daub that easily helps you daub your cards while you chat with other players, play in multiple rooms or when you’re trying your luck on a side game

Different sites will have slightly different features but the basics of auto-daub, best card sorted, chat rooms, auto-buy and auto-bingo call are standard.

Step 3: How to cash out your winnings?

Luck you! If you’ve won a nice juicy jackpot and like to cash it out, you simply request a payout from the cashier (same page as you made a deposit). Payouts can take anywhere from 2 days to 7 working business days to get processed and hit your bank account or for you to receive a cheque in the post.

Is playing online safe?

Yes – but you should still safe guard your information.

Whichever bingo site you choose, please ensure after you have entered your login details, the games and cashier are on a https:// page instead of http://. If not, do not play or share your personal details as these sites are not secure.

Let us know what questions you have about playing bingo online and we will do our best to assist you.

Happy Bingo!