How To Bingo More Often Playing Online Bingo?

Today, we welcome Paul Marion, the community manager of the bingo review site Bingo HQ – who writes about bingo sites from across the pond (that would be the UK, our fellow Canadian readers).

How would you like to Bingo more often playing online bingo games? Everyone who plays bingo, wether online or at their local bingo hall, is after two things – Bingo and more Bingo! Okay, there are other intsrinsic motivations for playing bingo, such as spend good time with friends, meet new friends, have fun or just get away from the day to day stresses of life.

more bingo

But as we all know it, nothing feels better than daubbing your card and claiming that mighty pot. Since this is one of the major driven goals of playing, when you end up having 2 TG or 1 TG and another player beats you to the punch, it hurts badly. Top that off with frequent games that end up this way, and you’re bound to go from fun to pissed off.

I don’t blame you – it hurts. So it’s my hope, these few tips well serve you best when playing online bingo. 

4 Simple, but Yet Powerful Tips

  1. Deposit on Special Bonus Days
  2. Choose to play at less busier times of the day
  3. Look for Bingo sites that offer Fair n’ Square Bingo Sessions
  4. Be Optimistic

1) Deposit on Special Free Bonus Days

We all know, when you deposit on special free bonus days, you get more bang for your deposit. Regular bingo players use this advantage frequently. You get to extend your play time and as well increase your odds as you can afford to bet more on your key bingo games.

For example, if you usually spend $50 a week playing online, and you make several deposits per week, try making one deposit of $50 on the special funding bonus of the week. This way you get a huge bonus on your bigger deposit, giving you more bonus to play and win.

2) Be Selective When You Play

Again, it’s no secret why each bingo site tends to offer their special games at peak times, such as evening hours between 8pm to 11pm EST as well on Fridays and Saturdays – these tend to be the busiest times.

With more players per game, your odds drastically decrease – but on the flip side, you get whopping prizes.

I’m not suggesting you stop playing at the peak times, you should, but don’t spend all your balance on these games. Spread them apart. For instance at Bingo Mania, in the Pajama Room, which plays from 1am to 8am EST, the pots are exciting and players average about 20.

That’s a great time of the day to play or even pre purchase.

3) Look for More Fair n’ Square Bingo Games

To make their bingo games more fair for all, operators have started offering Fair n’ square bingo sessions where by everyone receives the same number of bingo cards per game. We all know, when you play with the same number of cards as everyone else, you have the same chances as the other person.

4) Be Positive. Very Important.

This one is easily said than done but trust me, this is a very powerful way to win more playing online bingo. It has to do with the law of attraction which is from the popular book “the secret” – what you think about most, you’ll receive in life. In other words, your thoughts become things. It’s a very simple, but yet powerful law that philosophers and successful people have used to attract wealth in their life.

So if you want more bingo, you need to change your attitude from this:

“I never bingo”.
“The same bingo players keep winning”.
“I have never won a big jackpot”.
“I’m not as lucky as other players who keep winning”.
“How come I can’t ever bingo”.

A more positive attitude would be:

“I am a lucky bingo player. I attract all the biggest jackpots”.
“I love playing bingo online, because I tend to win frequently”.
“Every game I play, I believe I can a bingo”.

Remember, your thoughts become things. If you think you’ll never win, well, you’ll never win. Keep a positive attitude and you’ll see your odds improve drastically.

What do you think of these tips? Let us know in the comment box below.

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