Which Bingo Online Chat Name Should I Use?

Whether you’re new to bingo or you’re just joining a secondary site, one of the things that can leave you feeling at a total loss is when you’re prompted to pick a chat alias.

And no we’re not talking about Jennifer Garner’s old TV series Alias.

Bingo Tip: Chat Alias

What is an Alias anyways?

An alias is necessary to allow you to be recognizable from other players in the rooms but it’s also a pre-requisite of most online bingo sites before you can complete the registration process for a new account. There’s no need to panic that your fellow players will be able to find out your real identity as your details cannot be released by your site of choice without your permission. However, as we’ll go on to explain later, you will want to be careful what name you choose to use in order to protect your identity as much as possible.

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How To Play Bingo Canada

Playing bingo in Canada has always been a popular pastime but these days, most of us lead lives with hectic schedules so fitting in a session or two with our buddies is not always an easy, viable option.

How to play bingo Canada

Many fans now enjoy playing bingo in Canada online as it gives them the opportunity to experience games at a time that is convenient to them. There are plenty of destinations to choose from so whether you want to play in the comfort of your own environment or experience the action via your mobile device, you are pretty much guaranteed to find a site that suits your needs and preferences.

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5 New Must Play October Bingo Promos at Bingo Mania

October is seasonally regarded as the official kick off the big season for online bingo promos and this year will be no different.

Happy Thanksgiving from BingoMania

Bingo Mania has come up with several new must play bingo promos for you. From the launch of a brand new Canadian Thanksgiving bingo room to an all-new Money Pot Halloween themed room.

Below are 5 note-worthy specials we think Canadian players are going to really enjoy.

1 – The New Thanksgiving Room

For the first time ever, BingoMania is re-skinning the Loony Bin into the Thanksgiving Room. Within this new room, starting from October 1st to October 14th, you’ll find the exciting Turkey Bouncing pot.

Giving Thanks Bingo

The Bouncing pot will play once per hour where the prize will change with each bingo call from $200/$100/$50.

Plus, this event will have a live leader board whereby the player with the most Turkey wins collectively from Oct 1st – 14th will win $1,000 cash prize.

An amazing $500 of the $1,000 will be awarded to the Winner and the other $500, the winner will select 5 friends to receive an equal $100 cash prize.

It is the season of giving after all & yummy turkey eating.

Funny Thanksgiving QuotesFor some funny Thanksgiving Quotes check out this piece from Huffington Post

2 – Thanksgiving Bingo Tournament

As an added appreciation to all Canadian players, on Friday Oct 11th, Saturday Oct 12th, Sunday Oct 13th and Monday Oct 14th, every single night there will be a special 3hr bingo tournament in the Thanksgiving room:

Bingo Tourney

  • Game 1:  $50 Guaranteed for 5¢/card
  • Game 2:  $75 Guaranteed for 7¢/card
  • Game 3:  $100 Guaranteed for 10¢/card
  • Game 4:  Part 1 $25- Part 2 $100 – Part 3 $500  for $2/card
  • Game 5:  FREE $100 Bingo GAME
  • Game 6:  $50 Guaranteed for 5¢/card
  • Game 7:  $75 Guaranteed for 7¢/card
  • Game 8:  $100 Guaranteed for 10¢/card

The lineup will repeat ever hour.

3 – Weekday & Weekend Slots & Video Poker Tourney

To continue the fun, all month long in October, you’ll have an opportunity to enjoy a fun-filled Slots & VP tournament.

The Weekday $5,000 Cash Tourney will take place every Monday to Wed.

This tourney will be based on the popular buy-in concept.

  • With every seat purchased, you’ll get 1000 credits
  • The object is to post the highest score after a minimum of 15 spins or deals
  • The players with the highest posted scores at the end of the tourney will win a share of the $1,000 weekly cash prize

The $5,400 Weekend Slots & VP

Then as soon as Thursday rolls around, the focus will shift towards the regular Slots & Vide poker tournament.

  • Tourney will kick off from Thursday to Sunday
  • The concept is based on most cumulated winnings between Thu through Sun
  • The 10 players with the highest cumulated winnings will win a share of $1350 cash each weekend

4 – Halloween Bingo Special

In addition to the Thanksgiving Room, Mania will turn the Money Pot room into the Halloween room.

Halloween bingo

This room will not only house huge progressive jackpots and high-paying prizes, but you’ll also find an hourly special Halloween $50 starting bingo game.

T!P: Why play the BingoMania Bingo Games?


5 – Special Thanksgiving Chat Game

Chat is a huge part of your gaming experience. And given we’re entering the festive season, you’ll find a special give thanks Bingo chat game between Oct 1st through Oct 14th at BingoMania.

Special Chat Game

From what the buzz is, this special will take place in the Thanksgiving room at 10am to 1pm and then again from 10pm to 1am ET respectively.

The concept is super simple.

  • The winner of the bingo game will be asked by the Chat Host to select a number between 1 to 75
  • Behind each number is a hidden prize
  • You then will be asked to pick a roomie in chat
  • Once the prize is unveiled, you and your friend will each win that prize

Remember, this is on top of the game prize you would have won.

We think this is going to add a new level of excitement to your chat experience in October.

There you have it, 5 super fun specials coming your way in October. Also be sure to check out our 4 tips on how to improve your bingo odds so you can bask in all the great cash prizes available this month.

To wrap up, here’s a summary of the specials:

  1. New Thanksgiving room with special hourly Turkey $200/$100/$50 bingo game
  2. 4 day Weekend Thanksgiving Tournament from Oct 11th to Oct 14th
  3. Daily & Weekend Slots & VP tournament
  4. New Halloween Room
  5. Special Chat Game in the Thanksgiving room

Bingo Mania’s Biggest Bingo Game Ever

Hello Canadian bingo fans – we thought you would love to learn that Bingo Mania is hosting a $100,000 bingo game on Friday, June 28th as part of their 17th year anniversary bash.

The 100k is coined as the largest bingo event ever and rightfully so. Since 1996, Mania has been the main destination for players to enjoy life changing jackpots and after 17 years, that holds true.

$100,000 Bingo Game

About the $100,000 Bingo Game

  • When: Friday, June 28th @ 11pm ET (8pm PT)
  • Prize: Starting $100,000 min. $10,000 guaranteed

In addition to the 100k event, you’ll find an all-new daily bingo games schedule with:

  • a variety of free bingo games in the bday bash room
  • bigger game to game prizes
  • more frequent 3 part style games to better your chances
  • 2 x nightly showstopper games

We think you’re going to love it – plus as we shared with you a few weeks back, Canadian players can now play bingo in Canadian currency via Instadebit and for go any conversion fees.

What would you do if you won the 100k game? Let us know in the comment box below.

Great News for Canadian Online Bingo Players

First off – it’s Mother’s Day this Sunday and Bingo Mania is hosting tons of great specials as part of their Mother’s Day weekend special.

Bingo Mania Mother's Day

  • Friday Fair & Square $4,000 Special with an extra hour of free bingo games
  • Saturday & Sunday 300% free bonus special
  • and a $7,500 Mom’s contest

Now on to the great news – we understand that as early as Tuesday May 14th, you’ll be able to deposit and receive your winnings in Canadian Currency at Bingo Mania when you use InstaDebit.

This means, no more currency exchange fees and an overall better online experience.

We’ll be sure to update you as soon as we learn more from the Mania team.

Happy Mother’s Day Weekend!