How To Play Bingo Canada

Playing bingo in Canada has always been a popular pastime but these days, most of us lead lives with hectic schedules so fitting in a session or two with our buddies is not always an easy, viable option.

How to play bingo Canada

Many fans now enjoy playing bingo in Canada online as it gives them the opportunity to experience games at a time that is convenient to them. There are plenty of destinations to choose from so whether you want to play in the comfort of your own environment or experience the action via your mobile device, you are pretty much guaranteed to find a site that suits your needs and preferences.

You couldn’t ask for a better selection of websites than the online bingo sites available in Canada.  Lots of sites are highly regarded in the industry so once you’ve registered your details, you’ve got a fantastic shot of winning real cash prizes. If community is important to you, many destinations employ first-rate chat hosts who are on hand to help players with any questions or enquiries. Plus, they’ll provide a warm and welcoming environment for new members and encourage you to join in with the chat buzz as soon as you enter a room.

To keep you ahead of the game, we’ve gone to great lengths to put together a checklist of important items that you should consider before signing up at your preferred site.  The informative checklist gives you the facts that you need to consult to get a good idea of how to play bingo games in Canada.

Things to consider before registering


  1. It’s important to be well informed before you sign up and play at online bingo sites in Canada. Entertaining images and strong messages often persuade players into signing up but it’s imperative that you expand your knowledge of a particular site before registering.
  2. It’s no secret that many players are excited by awesome welcome offers and incentives. If an eye-catching, generous welcome bonus is your bag, it definitely pays to check the terms and conditions that come with it. A reputable site will outline a comprehensive list of terms and conditions, explaining fully the bonus policy and wager requirements. You’ll find that most online bingo sites in Canada will have wagering requirements that need to be achieved before any winnings can be withdrawn from an account. All the above points are worth noting when you are in the process of selecting a bingo site in Canada to play at.
  3. The internet houses tons of information so if you want to verify that the site you’ve chosen is trustworthy, try searching for the terms Bingo Canada and Bingo Canada game. By using these search terms, you’ll locate a range of websites where you’ll be able to read honest reviews about your preferred site. Take note of what other players are saying as nothing beats peer-to-peer recommendations. Finally, remember to verify that the site is licensed and regulated by the relevant organizations.

As soon as you’ve considered the comprehensive checklist that is detailed above, and made your own assumptions based on your in-depth research, you will undoubtedly be ready to sign up and register an account.

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Joining a bingo destination in Canada

Once you’ve made your decision as to which site you’d like to try, you’ll need to set up and create an account. Registration is typically a straightforward process and most sites will prompt you for your credentials. Expect to enter information such as your first name, last name, address, email address, username/alias and password. Some destinations might ask you for additional details such as a promotion or coupon code to claim a welcome bonus. It’s vital for a Canadian online bingo organization to ask for these details as they need to verify important information such as your age meeting the legal requirements as required by the gambling laws of the country. Whilst it’s easy to assume that online bingo in Canada isn’t in the same league as say placing a bet on the ice hockey championships, legally speaking, betting and playing online bingo in Canada is gambling.

When it comes to entering your email address, one of the main reasons is to ensure you are kept abreast of the latest promotional and incentive information. Furthermore, you might be asked to verify your account details by clicking on a link that’s sent to your personal address. With this in mind, it is vital that you enter the correct details.

Starting to play

When you visit the lobby at your preferred destination, it’s likely that you will be able to view the online bingo games schedule. At most sites, members can view the relevant details like opening times, start time of the next game, games available (75 ball or 90 ball), members playing in the room, card price, jackpot prize value and whether there is a progressive jackpot on offer. All of the popular sites feature a range of different rooms, some of which are only open to funded roomies. In some cases, you will come across 90 ball games which are a popular choice in the UK, Australia and New Zealand.

Bingo Lobby

Any sophisticated online bingo site in Canada will offer its members a decent selection of games. Generally, online bingo is divided into two categories: 75 ball and 90 ball. As we’ve already mentioned, the latter is popular in the UK whereas the former is the most common form of bingo in Canada and the US. 75 ball games feature cards with 15 squares and each card houses numbers from 1 to 75. This type of game can be won by a roomie when they match numbers featured in horizontal, vertical and diagonal lines across their card. To add a bit of spice to 75 ball games, all good sites will offer a variety of patterns for members to enjoy. On some occasions, these ball games are referred to as ‘coveralls’ which essentially means you need to cover the entire ticket first to generate a win. In a 90 ball game, there are three lines featuring nine spaces and there are usually three chances to win. The aim of these games is to cover one line, two lines or the whole card first to win one of the prizes.

Winning bingo in Canada online

For an opportunity to win real cash, you will need to buy cards for your chosen game. The amount of winnings on offer generally depends on the number of cards that have been sold for each game. Typically, the more cards sold per game, the more cash available to be won. Guaranteed jackpot games are the exception to the rule as these types of games usually have a fixed jackpot prize that is announced in advance.

Bingo Room

75 ball games can offer one to five prizes whereas a 90 ball game will, as mentioned above, offer three prizes. If you are lucky enough to generate a win, your username or alias should flash up on the screen for you and your fellow roomies to see, along with the prize money that you’ve won. Winnings are normally credited to accounts automatically following the end of the game.


Now that you’ve taken the time out to explore our definitive guide to playing online bingo in Canada, why not try your luck at some of your favorite games today?

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