4 Quick Tips For More Bingo Wins

Bingo is more fun when you get your plenty shares of claims. So how do you improve your odds to win more often at your favorite online bingo site?

Win More Bingo

Here are some obvious but yet least implemented tips that we believe could better your chances for more bingo shout out!

1 – Pre-Buy For Big Games at Odd Times

Playing online bingo gives you the ability to pre-order your cards for upcoming games. Even games that you won’t be able to attend in person.

The best times to pre-order cards are during the following times when there are traditionally less players online per game:

  • 1am to 8am EST
  • 2pm to 6pm EST

2 – Play the games with more odds

Traditional bingo is 75 ball and is based on winner takes all. Some sites such as BingoMania offer a variety of games with more chances to win per game.

  • 3 Part Bingo Games: where you pay for 1 card but get 3 chances to bingo
  • Fair n’ Square Bingo Games: everyone in the game gets the same number of cards giving you equal chance at winning
  • Look for consolation prize games. Look for games that offer consolation prizes for non winners
  • Pre-buy coveralls during odd times as stated above (this is key). For example at Mania, you’ll find hourly $2500 min. $25 coveralls in the Pajama room from 1am to 8am EST. These are perfect games to pre-buy for.

3 – Make deposits on special free bonus days

Free bingo bonuses are a great way to not only extend your playtime but also could improve your odds, since you can automatically double your purchase activity.

Most sites today offer free bonuses. Be sure to check out the daily free bingo bonuses for which days you get the most bonus.

Tip: Usually bingo sites offer higher bonuses on Mondays to Thursdays (known as traditionally less busy days)


4 – Bingo Pals only at BingoMania!

Play with friends as bingo is more fun this way and now more rewarding!

Bingo Mania recently introduced a feature called Bingo Pals where you win whenever your friends bingo or win on a casino game.

The more bingo pals you have, the better your odds. With Mania’s new referral program you can rack up to $1,000 in extra free bonuses.

There you have it – hopefully you find these tips valuable!

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